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I am convinced I am a gypsy... - Romany _Women

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January 22nd, 2015

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08:33 pm - I am convinced I am a gypsy...
I am convinced I am a gypsy. My grandmother would sing songs to me when I was little...Lula lula...which means little gypsy gypsy in ukranian. And when I lived in Israel, I had friends with dark skin and blonde hair and green eyes, and they would adopt me as their own and care for me. And we all believed in the evil eye etc. And my family in general knows a lot of magical things. But no one believes me. They say I made it all up. It's so strange. I know something is hidden from me. I even have fortune telling cards that I've never seen sold in a store...strange and exotic. And the people in the cards look like my family members, except they are dressed like royalty. I also know I am a little spanish etc. and a italian. And my whole life, I have been persecuted and no one ever knew who I was. And the police hates me and never believes me...and everyone always thinks I steal things. and my grandmother has VERY high morality. Like no talking to police, no talking about family, no wearing bathing suites. The authorities even tried steralizing me at some point, but it didn't work...I escaped. As you know people sterlize gypsies so they won't have children.

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