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November 19th, 2008

10:55 am - Rant

So last night I was at a dinner party with about 80 to 100 business men and women. I didn't know many people there, but the food was fantastic so I just listened to conversations and met a few people.  The reason why I was at the party in the first place was that a Roma friend of mine was providing the entertainment on the Russian guitar. He is a professor at the university and a master on the seven-string.  After he was finished playing, many people wanted to meet the two of us. 

This woman approached me and began to ask questions about the Roma and the Russian guitar.  She was surprised there were Roma here in the States.  She said, "Well they all came from Romania, so I guess I just thought they stayed there. So there must be some in Russia too since you know how to play the Russian guitar."  Ok, so I had to set her straight on that comment.

Foolish me broke the cardinal rule of dinner parties.  I mentioned politics. I commented that the Roma were in Italy as well and told her what was happening there.  Well, she has vacationed in Italy ..."and they are a very civilized people, so if the Roma are being fingerprinted, then they must deserve it.  There must be a reason. The Italian government wouldn't do something like that without a good reason."  She then introduced me to someone else and walked away.

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November 16th, 2008

10:58 am - A Victory!

Facebook pulls Italian neo-Nazi pages after outcry

Fri Nov 14, 2008 8:04am EST
By Robin Pomeroy

ROME (Reuters) - Facebook said on Friday it had removed several pages from its site used by Italian neo-Nazis to incite violence after European politicians accused the Internet social networking site of allowing a platform to racists.

Seven different group pages had been created on the site with titles advocating violence against gypsies.

"The existence of these groups is repulsive," said Martin Schulz, Socialist leader in the European Parliament which lodged a complaint with the California-based company.

Facebook said it had removed the pages because they violated its terms of use.

"Facebook supports the free flow of information, and groups provide a forum for discussing important issues. However, Facebook will remove any groups which are violent or threatening," it said in a statement.

Italy's Roma, or gypsy, communities have been subjected to several attacks in recent months while Italy's media has focused attention on violent crimes committed by gypsies. The government has dismantled illegal shantytowns where many Roma live.

European parliamentarians and some Catholic groups have criticized what they see as the demonization of an ethnic group which, like the Jews, was subject to mass killings in Nazi Germany.

Facebook allows people to upload personal details and create a group of on-line friends. Users can also create groups around a shared interest such as a political party, films or music.

Shimon Samuels of the Jewish human rights group the Simon Wiesenthal Center said Facebook should create technology to filter out "hate speech."

"It's not a new thing -- it's happened before, it's even happened before on Facebook. We are not surprised this group of really marginal Italian neo-Nazis have taken advantage of it," Samuels told Reuters.

Facebook says it does not pre-screen the pages but it does have a team looking for violations of its terms of use which bans users from posting anything which is hateful, or racially, ethnically or otherwise objectionable.

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November 15th, 2008

11:37 pm - I should have turned the channel

As I said in another post, I just saw a show that really is getting to me.  Ever heard of a show called Crash on the Starz movie channel? I may cancel my subscription.

In the show, a 'good' cop and his partner get into a car accident with a Gypsy woman. The cop winds up sleeping with her and when she tells him about her family, he gets involved by getting her husband, the brother of a Gypsy King of thieves, deported. The cop then goes to the brother in law and threatens him. The resulting arrest sends the entire Gypsy community to the police station to swear out false claims against the cop. The woman discovers she has been sleeping with the cop who had her husband deported.  Gypsy law is called upon and the woman winds up being severely beaten by the kris and required to pay all damages, including the damage to the name of the King. She goes to her cop lover and tells him she needs money to pay the Kris. He says the Gypsy King's name can't be worth much, so he gives her 80.00.  She cries, he gives her all his money, which pisses off his wife.

I really should have turned the channel. I really should have. I am an activist and I am concerned over what is happening in Italy with the EUs backing.  We don't need more of this stereotypical crap.  All Gypsies are part of clans ruled by a King of Thieves who rules all with an iron fist.

I sent Starz this letter:

"I just watched a program called Crash with a subtitle called "Your Ass Belongs to the Gypsies".  The research involving the dialogue was well done. You got the words right.  The rest of the show involving the Romani was beyond obscene.

We are a very real people. We fight stereotypes and persecution every day of our lives because people believe the stereotypes are real. There are thieves among the Roma the same as there are among whites, African Americans, Latinos, and any other race you would like to mention. You promoted the stereotype and used it to sell a show because people don't understand the Romani.

Two million of us died in the Holocaust. Over a hundred thousand of us are currently being fingerprinted and photographed in Italy. I find it obscene that you would do what you have done.  Do you intend to give us any good press after the damage you have done? Or is it all about the ratings and people don't concern you?

Please consider the effects of what you put on the screen.  Please consider the people your show portrays. We have enough problems without gadjo curiosity over a 'mysterious people' making things worse."

I just thought I would post this to see what others think.


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October 13th, 2008

11:49 am - Checkin In...

It has been quiet for awhile.

How has everyone been doing?

What have you been up to?


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July 15th, 2008

12:36 pm - Slander, Slur or No?
I don't participate on this forum much.
I'm part of another forum- Gaiaonline.

With the introduction of the sites new MMORPG, they have featured a character who identifies as a "Gypsy".
Growing up, that word wasn't spoken in my home and was considered as foul as any of the other slurs leveled at individuals for their race.

The upshot of this is that the Terms of Service protect users from trolling by posting "racially or ethnically insulting" material.
That means people cannot call someone the N~ word or any of a host of other common slurs on the site. However- people do use the word Gypsy in such a way on the site as a slur.

Up until now Moderators of the forum have been able to use the Terms of Service for the site to remove hate speech and punish individuals who violate the terms of service by posting such things about Rroma. With it's presence on the site itself- according to the moderators who have been dealing with it the most- it will likely tie their hands when it comes to preventing that kind of harassment.

The result of attempts to change the MMO via a petition have been the repeated assertion that the word should not count as a slur and that the Rroma should not be protected by the same measure.

It's an interesting conundrum.

While I realize that individuals like Lee and Hancock are not the end all be all of all things Rroma- I think their work to fight systemic racism is very interesting- especially in their treatment of the term "Gypsy"  verses their use of Rroma.

I was wondering what others thought of it's use as a slur and as a term to perpetuate stereotypes in popular fiction and what effect that has on the overall sociological and psychological understandings of we are.

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April 24th, 2008

01:39 pm - Rromany products online

I find it very difficult to locate many Rromany related products online, but I did find some very nice things on cafepress.com.

I'm not sure who the artist is (perhaps it is someone here??) but I thought I would share.


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January 27th, 2008

11:26 pm
Ciao. I was wondering if anybody knows a place to buy a Romani flag/flag patch?


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November 27th, 2007

04:49 pm - Seeking Romany Speakers!

I hope someone can help me!  I work for a firm that supplies interpreters for asylum seekers.  Currently Romany is in extremely high demand, especially in NYC.  Many respondents remain detained until an interpreter can be found.  Does anyone know anybody who would be interested in interpreting?  Our company offers competitive rates and free training.  Please contact me if you have any interest and I can give you more details!

Thank you in advance!


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November 17th, 2007

04:40 am - Very new
Hi everyone! I have a somewhat simple question: Does anyone know of a place to learn Romani (any dialect, but Vlax would be nice...) in the US, specifically NYC?

Also, is it okay that I'm on here? My family has Roma ancestry (on my dad's side) but we no longer speak any Romani...but I really want to get involved in the language and culture. I just don't want anyone to hate me, since I wasn't raised in the culture. Is it okay that I'm here, and that I want to learn Romani?


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November 8th, 2007

08:11 pm - Alright Assholes
So I'm told I have been on here before on an active message board with an Am.Indian s/n and was banned for being oh so fake.

You bet your ass I'm a member now hon, and I searched every damned Romany-related page on this fucking site. This is the only one I've come across yet with someone with an even remotely Am.Indian sounding name, so I'm betting my bottom dollar this board is the one I supposedly was on.

What kind of fucking coward goes running and telling someone about some person they think is me. Grow a fucking pair and say it to my fucking face hon, cos I ain't never been on livejournal before, and after I'm done saying my peice, I'm out again. So you can go report happy on my ass and see if I give two flying fucks about that or about this shit site.

My s/n always has been, and always will be some variant of FlutterGirl, no matter what site it is. So don't get it twisted sister, I ain't no cayote-whatever the fuck. And next time you wanna go running and telling your little buddy "oooo this person don't know shite about Roma, she's snooping around, she must be FLUTTERGIRL!!!" remember what the fuck I said here. I don't ask people about my culture I already fucking know it, K. I don't go nowhere but Myspace, my email, and my deviant art page. No fucking where else, so next time you find a random clueless fucktard on a message board, don't fucking assume it's me, cos it fucking isn't, you low life coward peice of shit.

You got a problem with me, tell it to my fucking face you fucking chicken shit.
Got it, get it, good.
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